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Modernize Your Mergers and Acquisitions

When Harvard Business Review deems 70% to 90% of all M&A deals “abysmal failures," something has to be done. CIOs must modernize their M&A approach to derive maximum value from the transaction.


Only by better understanding the data, IT assets, operational practices, and business processes—before, during, and after integration—will an M&A achieve its full potential.

The State of M&A Today










Our experts have uncovered a "transparency gap" at the heart of M&A failure. This lack of insight into both information and business processes undermines even the most promising merger or acquisition.

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Bridge the Transparency Gap

While time is of the essence, information is limited. So how do you overcome this lack of insight? Our experts took a deep dive into the causes and consequences of the transparency gap—and uncovered the five steps toward transparency every CIO should know.

Make IT an M&A Asset

M&A failure is often blamed on the complexity of IT integration. And while merging systems and data is difficult, it becomes almost impossible when IT is involved as an afterthought. Discover how you can make IT an asset to your M&A.

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